Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Mainline Presbyterians support Palestine against Jews

Christians, Jews, and a few Muslims in support of the State of Israel will be grievously offended by the stance of the leadership of the mainstream Presbyterians - denominationally named "The Presbyterian Church in the United States of America" (PCUSA) and not to be confused with the smaller but lively Presbyterian Church in America - the PCUSA having decided for the denoms entire church membership to divest in financial institutions and enterprises which pay taxes to Israel. This can not but lead to more conflict in the the PCUSA, since there are many of diverse theological standpoints and political philosophies who find their benevolence toward the success of the Israeli state and, more especially, of its democracy and economy to be ignominously diverted by the manoeuvre to support instead the pro-Palestinian movement and, in the past, often of its terrorist movements. Instead of being in a postion to announce further investment in legit Palestinian financial institutions and enterprises, not intertwined with terrorism, the PCUSA has sided with the terrorist past and failed to evenhandly support the hopefully-emerging new d├ętente between the belligerents, as terrorism hopefully ceases under Mahmoud Abbas, upon the decease of the lifetime terrorist Yasser Arafat. More details and opinon on this develping story, later ...


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