Monday, February 14, 2005

Hideous sneer at soldiers' sacrifice for freedom

EffigyHome-2, originally uploaded by Anaximaximumphotographics.

An effigy of a soldier hanging suggests a soldier lynched right before your eyes. Stuck onto the apex of a windowed section of the house, it suggests there ae killers within, behind that window with the Iraqi flag - again, whose Iraqi flag? the Interm Government's? Saddam's? The semiotics of this divisively political display in a neighbourhood where everyone's politics on the issues it raises can not possibly be the same, demonstrates the exceeding bad faith of the antiwar cause-zealots within. They just have to break the decorum of a community of residences, as tho their home was a billboard among hi-rise downtown office buildings, or adjacent to a hi-speed hi-way. The alphabetical sign on the lynched soldier's chest, which becomes readable only secondarily, after one's attention has been cawt by the ensemble, tells us where our powerful emotions are to be directed by the sign-displayers. We are told to blame this effigy and what it represents (now disclosed) on the President of the United States, Commander in Chief of the American forces: "Bush lied. I died," say the people hiding behind the Iraqi and Palestinian flags at the expense of their neighbours property values. And, their neighbours feelings. Photos from MoveAmericaForward site.

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