Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Bush's State of the Union: Social Security, domestic issues, World Freedom doctrine

American President, George W. Bush, continued to unfold his plan to realize the World Freedom Doctrine he emphasized in his Inaugural Assress on January 20, 2k5. But today in his State of the Union speech to both Houses of Congress with guests and hierarchs assembled, he stressed domestic issues. His special focus singled out one of his many domestic concerns - reform of the American Social Security structure.

"Emboldened by his re-election, Bush called on lawmakers to move on several controversial fronts, including liberalizing the nation's immigration laws, imposing limits on medical malpractice lawsuits, simplifying taxes and extending the life of the tax cuts enacted during his first term. ¶ "He also urged passage of long-stalled energy legislation and promised to send Congress a budget next week that holds discretionary spending below inflation. Warning Congress that it will face painful choices, Bush said his budget would substantially reduce or eliminate more than 150 federal programs," reported Terrence Hunt of the Associated Press.

Transcript of State of the Union Address 2005

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