Friday, February 11, 2005

If you follow Canadian Fed(up) politics, click ici

If you follow Canadian Federal politics regarding the absconding with millions in the name of fighting for Candian unity against the separatist movement in Québec, years back, you'll enjoy this one about what's called the Adscam scandal. Well, the Prime Minister - who presided over this skullduggery but, of course, didn't know anything about it until an Auditor General blast the trumpet in the Latter Days of PM Jean Chrétien's august régim. Now, this same predecessor PM has been called to testify in a public inquiry (not a court trial, yet) before Judge Gomery. The old PM, now in private law-practice, put on quite a show at Gomery's hearing, and implicated as best he could his successor, the present PM, Paul Martin. In a briliant cartoon, Michel Garneau of the French daily out of Montréal, Le Devoir, captures the whole swashbuckle. As Jean shakes [er, shwashbucklesh] his way out of the hearing room, Judge Gomery's quote-bubble tells us, "Merci, Monsieur Chrétien." Pause. "Next witness: the Very Honourable Paul Martin." Paul was formerly Jean's Minister of Finance; but pointedly Paul has since told us, not Jean's apparently tacky Treasurer who actually adminstered the funds which Paul had rightly allocated in the Federal Budget, at his boss Jean's pointed request each year, to the tune of $50 million per annum. Have you found and identified the object Jean leaves behind for Paul to sit on?


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