Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Incorrect History: US neocon blasts far-right re-write

American history has long been at the mercy of Liberal selectivity and exaggeration in line with the American Left's political agenda, foreign and domestic. In the course of time, more conservative historians have gingerly and fastidiously put together optional readings of the story of the Republic, its people, and its cultures. Among these efforts, according to Max Boot (a senior member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a columnist on foreign affairs for the Los Angeles Times, and a contributing editor to the neo-Con Weekly Standard) , is Paul Johnson's A History of the American People and Walter McDougall's first volume of his longer projected work, A New American History.

One may not agree with all that is offered in this stream of US intellectual labour with all its political ramifications and colourations on the transmittable heritage that college students and highschoolers may encounter in their quest to understand their nation's history, and write term papers and book reviews - the normal means of basic tranmission. Still. a viable discussion, sometimes debate, sometimes conversaton, is possible in regard to the hegemonic history of the élites of the Liberal-dominated universities and the alternative historical accounts being generated from a disciplined conservative endeavour that contests the dominant view on numerous issues. And, of course, there are mavericks who may weave in and out among this two major stances on the motives, shape, and direction of American history.

Enter from stage far right, the anti-neocon, anti-Liberal, anti-North, historian revisionist Thomas Woods who's had a scary influence on Old South nostalgists, reaching even into the lively conservative Presbyterian Church in America and one of its theological movements that has wide contacts and dialogues with quite sane theologians like Dr Norman Shepherd and Bishop of Warwick, the Rev Dr NT Wright. The scandal of mind on secular matters centers around Thomas Woods' new book, Politicaly Incorrect Gude to American History. It's this volume against which Max Boot raises his cudgel.

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