Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Christian labor presence in USA

Being well acquainted with the existence of the 25,000-members Christian Labour Association of Canadan (I worked in research for them decades back), I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the CLA-USA, founded in 1931, is still existing, tho struggling. And it has a website of its own, for which I'll dig up the URL.

In the meantime, while talking about labor movements in the USA, we move from the tiny to the mega-unions via a 10-page article by Matt Bia in Sunday's New York Times Magazine. Title: The New Boss. It's about a creative and wave-making union boss, Andrew Stern who heads up the Service Employees International Union. You may have to register to get to this article, and usually articles on the NYT website don't stay up long, but are relegated rather soon to the archives - for which you then have to pay $2.99 per article. So if you're interested, get there quick.

A note on US "fair use'

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