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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Today's Index (May 2,2k12)

Table of Contents / Index

refWrite Frontpage old styleexperimental formats
    Tomorrow  World Press Freedom Day (see Calendar for May 3)
    New USA turns blind Chinese lawyer out of its Beijing Embassy
    Yesterday  Sarkozy 47%, Hollande 53% as final round of vote approach's
    Yesterday Juridics: AcademicsLawSchools: Affordable Care Act be4 Supreme Court, 
                 challenges in oral arguments
    Previous PoliticsMali: Transitional govt: Kidnapped Swiss social worker released
    Previous  Juridics: Enviro / Pollution: India & Bulgaria cases
    Previous EconomicsJamaica: Hard Times on the tropical island
    Previous  New Qu├ębec page launched: First item:  Separatism au courant again!
    Previous New Ontario page launched: First item: Anti-Bullying in Schools
    Previous JuridicsSaudiArabia: Human R+ts:
        Saudi activist impriso ed in Riyadh, on hunger strike
    Previous JuridicsCanada — Students take law into their own hands
    Previous PoliticsFrance: Prez Elections: 
       Socialists win over Sarkozy's center/r+t in 1st round
    Previous Today is Earth Day
  Previous PoliticsCanada/Congo: Mining Company:  Lawsuit
   Previous  Romney way out ahead
   Previous Dutch Christian politics ...
refWrite page 2 ... Pisteutics, Ethics, Morality/ies
    New Science magazine hijacks 'synthetic genetics' for Darwinism
    Yesterday Pisteutics: Christianity/ies: Who waa Adam?
    Previous Bishop Wright's blindspots, a critical appreciation
    Previous Anti-Trinitarian Bible translation from Wycliffe Translators
    Previous 500 Sudanese fanatics burn Bible School to the ground in Khartoum
    Previous Armenian archbishop of Jerusalem commemorates genocides w Israeli Jews
    Previous    Pisteutics: Islam/s: A Muslim Case for Liberty
    Previous Ethics, Morality/ies: 'Theorizing about love.'

refWrite page 3 ... SPECIAL FEATURES:
     New Semitics prof emerges among conservative Presbyterians
     Mar4,2k12:  Abraham Kuyper

     New Sports: NHL Hockey — Caps 3 vs Bruins 4 in playoffs Game 6
     New Arts: Lit Poem by Samuel Menashe (2009)
     Previous MusicStreets of Philadelphia - The Boss
     Mar4,2k12: Sat+r:  Stand-up comedian lampoons Shakespeare 8-).
     SportsLightning blasts Bruins
     Mar4: NASCAR races.

refWrite Calendar (pager 6) ... New entries ... Big anti-abortion rally May 10,
     Ottawa, Canada  ... Earth Day ... Joy in the
     Congo, a symphony of 200 instrumentalists and vocalists ... Previous
     BrasilHarvardPurim and other March events.  Further March 
     listings .... scroll thru the page.
     See August Calendar for Republicans Convention info ... Sept
     Calendar for Democrats Convention ....

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