Monday, February 14, 2005

Demo tomorrow at 2732 Marty Way, Sacramento

While I've been very harsh on Move America Forward in a previous case, after signing the petition in rgard to the UN as my personal tactical means of adding an additional 1 to the numbers of Americans who want change in regard to our nation's UN policy, and while noting in that context that I want to see a reformed and restricted but not removed UN functioning in the future - because I support the Daalders/Lindsay plan in consequence of the Bush Revolution in foreign policy (see their book America Unbound): still, while giving Kagoolian's organization credit for raising the question of the UN and US participation therein, I went on stoutly to critique his piggy-backing yet another issue on top of the UN question. Kagoolian's Move America Forward raised a heavy stench around the idea of former Pres Bill Clinton becoming the UN's Secretary General upon Kofi Annan's completion of his term in 2006 sometime, I believe. So, I'm not at all just a patsy for MAF's shakey ways of dealing with issues at times. Issue piggy-backing removes my zones of choice, and issue piggy-backing always looks like money piggy-banking. Get funds by rousing latent hostility against Clinton, rake in the money, and then use it to pay for those damned expensive ads going out now against the UN. And, of coure, paying expenses and salaries No room for really educating the public around that tactic of using a former President to add clout to hatcheting the UN, which makes me unsure of my tactic of support by signing the MAF anti-UN petition in the first place.

Now, Kagoolian's MAF brings us another matter, hot and heavy in the news already. This issue involves the creation of a very creative but negative semiotic display, one that uses the very architecture of a dwelling in a "quiet" neighbourhood (I presume) and uses the very uniform of American soldiers living and dead; a negative display that found resentment among neighbours sufficient to result in a protest and a surreptious removal of the first edition of the effigy of the hanging American soldier.

Since the house itself is integrated into the display and the display is so aggressive, vivid, and morally reprheensible to patriots who understand signs, and violative of the decorum of a neighborhood of residential houses, MAF has decided to focus a protest on location. Let the TV cameras and the Internet videos see people demonstrating who oppose these politicized semiotic violations - which act of demonstrating and counter-poiticking, temporarily, is also (but far more mildly) violative of the residential neighborhood's normal decorum. The hope is that the residents will appreciation this temporary invasion, and endorse the basic message of opposing the display and its forlorn ideas. The couple indwelling this political statement have brought the wrath of their neighboors upon them, sign for sign, but let's pray and call for the protestor's self-discipline, that no violence will further take place. - Owlb


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