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North Korea: Food Crisis: 6 million on verge of starvation

Huffington Post (Mar23,2k11)

WASHINGTON — The United Nations reported Thursday that more than 6 million North Koreans, about a quarter of the communist state's population – are in urgent need of international food aid. The findings, the result of a needs assessment conducted in February and March, will add to pressure for the United States to resume food aid to North Korea suspended in 2009 after its monitors were expelled. But doing so could be seen as aiding a government that has since advanced its nuclear weapons programs and is accused of twice attacking U.S. ally South Korea.  In its report, the result of an assessment conducted in February and March, the U.N. said that North Korea has suffered a series of shocks including summer floods and then a harsh winter, "leaving the country highly vulnerable to a food crisis."
The proper response woud require an invitation from the super-hawkish North Korean govt, and a massive emergency relief operation from the outside world, including USA, Canada, UK, Australia from the English-speaking countries, much of the continental European Union states, and many countries thru-out the world. The govt of China shoud be involved -- but coud they cooperate with the "outsiders"?  Some of the countries mentioned like Australia is still in recovery mode from the widespread flooding on that continent just a few months ago.  New Zealand is struggling to recover from its own earthquake in Christchurch.  Japan, of course, is coping with its own sense of mortal wounding and of the struggle for survival since its own earthquakes, tsunami flooding, and nuclear disaster.

What if the world has to choose between helping Japan vs helping North Korea?  What are the hard choices for South Korea?

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