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PoliticsWisconsinUSA: State Senate: Bypass of absentee Dem Senators shielding bandit govt-employee unons

WaPo (Mar9,2k11)

Washington Post's journo Michael Fletcher reports on the earthquake moment of an intense political fracas that has engulfed the USA state of Wisconsin in regard to how public-employee unions there have long acted the bandits and contributed to the hapless near-bankruptcy that taxpayers had long dutifully financed both in direct taxes and in payments on the vast public debt. Wisconsin is not the only state so effectively bankrupted.

The state had been rigged by Democrats who were dependent on unions (including public employee unions) who contributed to the campaigns of Dems in both legislative chambers of the state and supplied 'vounteer' campaign workers to get these Dems elected.  Then the elected Dems woud vote for hikes to public-employee pay and to increased benefits that the state coudn't afford.  Thereby the state Dem's woud put the state further into debt, requiring hier interest payments on the debt.  Until now, until the election of a Republican conservative as Governor and Republican majorities in the two chambers.  Something had to give.  And, yesterday it did.

refWrite supports unionization of workers, but in a pluralism of workers representation that affords maximal freedom of choice.  Granting collective bargaining to unions otherwise structured as in closed shop arrangements, and to public-employee unions nevertheless has proven to be seriously flawed. For one thing, there is no freedom of choice in regard to the union that represents a given worker, only one union represents all, no matter what the life-convictions of the worker and the world- and work-view of the union.  There is no representation by workers who woud select the Christian Labor Association USA (founded in 1932 and certified by the National Labor Relations Board) to represent them in plural alternative structuration of workers representation in each bargaining unit.

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Republican Wisconsin 

senators bypass 

Democrats in vote 

on collective bargaining

by Michael A. Fletcher

Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, March 9, 2011; 10:54 PM

Senate Republicans abruptly passed Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's plan to sharply curtail collective-bargaining rights for public employees Wednesday night, using a legislative maneuver to approve the measure without 14 Democratic senators who fled the state in an effort to block it.

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