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PoliticsUSA: Info freedom online: Draconian impostion of copywright curtailment of USA constiution for bloggers

Voplokh Conspiracy (Mar16,2k11)

David Post has done every blogger and many others a great service by alerting us to the latest development in regard to American copyright-law developments.  The Obama  admin's latest transgression -- against info distribution in the age of computers, wifis, handheld devices, blogging -- woud block the right to spread news effectively outside government and corporate permissions.   These permissions, the gaining of which eats time and negates the blogger's alertness, are also obstacles in that they with-hold maximal timeliness from the bloggers and blog-readers of blogged news and opinion, timely news and comment with-held on the basis of prior "ownership," a legislative and regulatory move that is repulsive and inquitous.  Of course, the govt agencies involved or the Presidency itself will be able to issue waivers to its cronies, as it has done even in regard to the Obama Healthcare scheme, for instance.

refWrite has long practiced civil disobedience against this tyrannical practice of the USA government and news corporations.  Already, as I post my blog-entry that will digitally reproduce David Post's on Volokh Conspiracy, so as to connect and more effectively explain our stance, there are 23 responses to him, mostly by law professionals.  I'm deeply curious about what his colleagues in the legal professions, especially the scholars and law professors, are saying about the present draconian measures against us in the wide embrace of Obama's savage blackout proposals, violating the first amendment of the USA constitution which guarantees freedom of speech and of the press, as well as religion. -- Lawt

Update for reformationals:  This is important for those who see web, internet, and blogging as a means for the reformational movement to produce news and comment that is timely.  We are a penurious movement, given the riches we have to offer to our neibors.  We are buried as far as effective communications among ourselves and to the larger world are concerned, because we don't have the capital to deploy, given for what our movement advocates from its historical roots in regard to faith-specificity, Christian organization and all of life redeemed.   See my comments (once they're moderated favourably by VC) that play peekaboo with the latest statist nincompoopery of the Obama establishment.

The Copyright Tail Wags the Internet Dog: Episode 39
Posted: 16 Mar 2011 12:36 PM PDT

(David Post)I haven’t had time to examine this in detail, but the Administration’s just-released “White Paper on Intellectual Property Enforcement” looks like a real horror show of major proportions. It contains the Administration’s legislative recommendations regarding a series of Intellectual Property matters, including recommendations to:
“Increase the U.S. Sentencing Guideline range for repeat intellectual property offenders“
“Clarify that, in appropriate circumstances, infringement by streaming, or by means of other similar new technology, is a felony“
“Create a right of public performance for copyright owners for sound recordings transmitted by over-the-air broadcast stations which, in part, will allow copyright owners to obtain overseas royalties that are now denied to them” [Yes, just what we need — more copyright rights!!]
“Providing a two-level enhancement for defendants with a previous conviction for an intellec-tual property offense.” and, last but not least
“Give law enforcement authority to seek a wiretap for criminal copyright and offenses“


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