Saturday, March 19, 2011

PoliticsUN: UN War: Canada joins UN last-ditch effort at No-Fly Zone over Libya

Montreal Gazette (Mar18,2k11)

Too little, too late?

by Tobi Cohen, Postmedia News

OTTAWA - Canada's decision to send six CF-18 fighter jets to the Mediterranean may be too little, too late, a foreign policy expert said Friday as the prime minister prepared to leave for Paris to meet world leaders on the Libyan crisis.

Days before the country may be plunged into a federal election, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced he has committed Canada to a combat mission in Libya in an effort to enforce a no-fly zone approved Thursday by the United Nations.

Before heading to Paris to discuss the looming mission with allies Saturday, Harper said Canada has pushed the idea of a no-fly zone from the start and would ``now take the urgent action necessary to support it.


-- Montreal Gazzette / Postmedia materials posted by Politicarp

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