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SecurityUSA, World: WikiLeaks: Black farm scandal and WikiLeaks converge in our perceptive vortex

Reporter and nooz analyst Caroline May, in Daily Caller,  DC (, Dec9,2k10), give us the scoop on web-impressario publisher Andrew Breitbart and the Pigford Tles regarding the Black Farm Scandal, "Why are USDA officials off the hook in case of bias against black farm ers?" Patrik Jonsson (Dec8,2k10) Christian Sc+ence Monitor.

The coming weeks will find Breitbart’s site,, replete with exposes, research papers, and opinion pieces on Pigford designed to fill in the gaps he and anti-Pigford whistleblowers — such as Jimmy Dismuke, a black farmer who actually experienced discrimination, Minnesota Republican Rep. Michelle Bachmann and former Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer — believe the government and media have overlooked.

Indeed there have been reports that USDA employees and FBI officials estimate that the number of fraudulent claims from Pigford — exacerbated by ambitious trial lawyers and community organizers — range from 50 percent to 95 percent.
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One distinguished friend says, "There are suggestions that Wikileaks may be fronting, or being fed, by some group which is against peace in the Middle East  (building up the pressure for war against Iran while undermining the credibility of the Arab and indeed the Turkish leadership) -- certainly if one disregards all the noise and chaff, there may well be something in this. e that is the picture which is emerging (the dog which did not bark).  But I may be proved wrong by future 'revelations' and they keep threatening to reveal material which will embarrass Israel, but up to now it is the dog that did not bark (quote Sherlock Holmes rather than Alice in Wonderland),"  Hat Tip:  JI 

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And in another connection, he points to the geostrategic musings of an "acknowledged antisemite" --

Shine the spotlight on Washington to take it off Tel Aviv. That’s good old-fashioned psy-ops.  And challenge the credibility of the U.S. That’s Wikileaks.

Any credible forensics would start by asking: to whose benefit? Then look to means, motive and opportunity plus the presence of stable nation-state intelligence inside the U.S.
Other than Israel, who else is a credible candidate? Notice how quickly Israel’s role in the peace process vanished from the news.  [Everything vanishes rapidly from the industries that dr+v the 24/7/52/365 nooz cycle. -- Politicarp] Now it’s Iran, Iran and more Iran. To whose benefit?
Tel Aviv knows that the phony intelligence on Iraq leads to those skilled at waging war “by way of deception”—the motto of the Israeli Mossad.  [This logic is so flawed it can't be called logical; it can be called another form of rhetoric.  Yes, logics are elements of rhetorics in the expansive sense, but not characteristic of many other forms of rhetoric.  Conspiracy theorists l+k to conflate the two. Antisemite conspiracy theorists l+k to have all roads lead to Mossad.  -- P]
Wikileaks are noteworthy for what’s missing: the absence of any material damaging to Israeli goals.  [Now how does the conspiracy fellow know what's missing?  Has he read the quarter million cables release by low-level securityworker Private First Class Manning who betrayed his country and his oath of loyalty as a miitary servant of US official govt, not some values-cult he wants unelected to impose on all the rest of us.  A manless manling who apparently treasonously knowingly transferred his stolen goods to the Info Bandit and Diplomatic Wreckage Firm operative of Wikileaks, Assange.  -- P]
But still Tel Aviv faces an unprecedented peril: transparency. Americans know they were duped. And Israel rightly fears that Americans will soon realize by whom.
Absent from the room where all were assembled and accounted for, but one who turns out to have murdered grandmother in her bed upstairs -- a TV sleuth show, somet+mz great entertainment fare.

But how can such a plot-l+n and its hothouse logic apply to the broad world of differentiated society and all the less-than-absolute individuals who woud l+k to be absolute?  That's what goes for a theory of freedom these dayts  We are near the dark days of anarchy, as we witnessed again just now in regard to the future British Monarch and the Duchess of Cornwall.  Hat Tip again !

-- Politicarp

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