Tuesday, December 14, 2010

EconomicsGlobal: Small farms, family farms: A 'global company' to certify the supply chain on behalf of the world's small producers, to the benefit of consumers -- my table and yours

Certifying your Food Safety, your Food Storage and Distribution standards, your Safe Quality Food approval  -- whether you're just an end-use customer of the end-supplier, or a customer and consumer of the product as received from the grocer's shelves and fridges.

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CERT  ID --  

B R C,  S Q F,  A N D  N O N-GMO 


CERT ID is a global company active in providing accredited third-party certification programs since 1999.  Our clients are farmers, agricultural processors, ingredient producers, processors and retailers.  Certification benefits the entire supply chain and consumers, improving safety, quality, certainty and transparency.

We’re committed to delivering accurate, reliable and timely certification to our clients.  Our experienced and dedicated team will walk you through the steps to successful certification, providing individualized guidance. 

We offer certification in the BRC
Global Standard for Food Safety and the BRC Global Standard for Storage and DistributionCertification in SQF - Safe Quality Food code 1000 and 2000, Levels 1, 2 and 3 is also available.  To help our clients prepare for food safety audits, we also offer customized training and consulting programs.

CERT ID is part of 
The Global ID Group.  With offices in 5 countries, we support the production of safe, healthy, sustainable and ethical food production.


i hope some reformationals are getting the picture that refWrite is slowly painting about new-style societally-developmental coops, free-entrpises and individually-owned businesses.

reformational economics
vital info on lower-tier small biz [familyfarms]

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