Friday, December 03, 2010

BroadcastingUK: Christian lobby: Christian Broadcasting Council gathering w Annual Media Awards Dinner

Today and tomorrowChristian Broadcasting Council [UK] is a voluntary Christian association of Brits that lobbies in an organ+zd way and conducts programmes off air (like the latest of the upcoming Awards Dinners) whereby CBC tri+s to get more Christian content on the BBC from its own BBC programmers and BBC-contracted professionals (a w+dning of professional-ethical horizons to overcome what I lump together as "dilletante indifferentism" regarding the religiocultural role of Christianity in the past, present and futre of Great Britain), all this in CBC UK's spirit of public broadcasting, not tr+ing to get christian-content sellers (producers, investors, etc.) a dedicated ear at CBC.  But when independent production offers The Hobbit, The Narnia Tales, and others (there shoud be a movie version of Charles Wiliiam's Talliessin thru Logres with the verse narrated above the viz sequencing in approprioate places).  And, of course, others.
Anyway, the Christian Broadcasting Council has a primary strategy of one-on-one, as in basketball.  This is appropriate in so vast a sphere as public communications and the interplay of today's media via the Net, Blogging (including refBloggers like Steve Bishop, Paul Robinson, Rudi Hayward, reformationalUK -- and reformational webs+ts like those of WYSOCKS (Leeds), Kirby Laing Institute (Cambridge), and Andrew Basden's The Dooyeweerd Pages out of Salford U, Greater Manchester), and nowadays we can't leave out of the interplay and tie-in uses of mobile devices (SnartPhones, iPod, iPad, Blackberry) in conjunction with social media like Twitter and Facebook.  1-on-1-ing BBC takes CBC into realms of reflection on the shifting role of radio and TV in the media constellation that is always reshaping in these days.

Cry Freedom! Britain on the brink ... is the theme for this year's CBC Annual Conference for all Christians in the Media, of which the CBC Annual Media Awards Dinner is an outstanding event open to all professionals, awards open to younger generations of artists, with CEO Olave Snelling pres+ding.

The conference, dinner, and awards presentations will take place this year at The River Centre, Tonbridge, Kent, Englandwww.cbc,

-- Politicarp, using CBC materials


2.12.10 - 11am
We are disappointed to have to POSTPONE the conference due to adverse weather conditions which have worsened as the day goes on. We are planning to move the conference to March 2011 and combine it with our Media Awards. Details coming soon.

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