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PoliticsUSA: Law blog: Law prof has courage to question UNICEF -- about t+m!

Law prof Dr David Kopel has broken a pervading s+lens about UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Fund).  UNICEF does a lot of good; but it also scams and skims off the top of its charitable activities a cut for nefarious activities elsewhere.  UNICEF needs to be reformed radically.  The publisher of the post noticed, the intrepid free-speech libertarian law blog, Volokh Conspiracy, shoud also be appreciated for breaking this embargo on credible questioning of another sneaky leftwing nest of falsehoods.  Denying UNICEF funds, may cut into their budget, but it's not as tho the previous donors have no alternatives to help poor kids.  By the way, I wonder if any of this pro-UNICEF, pro-revolutionist, pro-antisemite, pro-pedophile stealth is the doing of Canadian diplomat and former socialist politician, Stephen Lewis, himself a secularistic Jew who was a UNICEF spokesman in the last part of his career.  For him, UNICEF was a sacred cash cow.

Posted: 06 Dec 2010 04:16 PM PST
(David Kopel)

International Adoption: The Human Rights Position is an article in Global Policy by Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Bartholet. A response article from Paulo Barrozo of Boston College Law School amplifies some of her points.

In brief: UNICEF has been at the forefront of pressuring national governments to set up so many hurdles as to make international adoption rare and extremely time-consuming. The result is that children languish in miserable, hellish orphanages for years. During the critical early months and years in which interaction with loving parents is essential to a child’s normal brain development, the children are neglected and left in squalor. 

According to Bartholet, all this is a violation of international treaties about the rights of children, which one might expect UNICEF, of all entities, to be especially scrupulous about obeying. Besides, you don’t need to be an international lawyer to see the flaws of policy that leaves children in terrible orphanages, or as menial servants and de facto slaves in “the community,” rather than in loving homes.

In a 2007 article, I discussed UNICEF’s record in propagandizing for Palestinian terrorism, and its collaboration with the North Korean dictatorship and with the Saddam Hussein regime. 

So in short, if you want to give to a charity which does not spend any money on harming children, UNICEF is a poor choice. Unfortunately, UNICEF has a ready supply of funds from good-hearted, uninformed people. American schoolchildren “trick or treat for UNICEF” without realizing that some of the money they raise will be spent on terrorist training camps, or on lobbying to keep children trapped in horrible orphanages. If you followed David Post’s advice to watch the outstanding soccer game between Madrid and Barcelona, you saw that the Barcelona players had “UNICEF” on their jerseys. Some transatlantic airlines, including Aer Lingus, subject passangers to long commercials (broadcast on the airplane’s public address system) urging people to put their leftover foreign change into special envelopes for UNICEF. Instead, I wrote a note on the special envelope explaining why I was not donating.

It’s great for children, sports teams, or airplane passengers to raise money to help poor children in the Third World. But when you donate to UNICEF, some of your money is  helping to keep neglected and helpless children separated from parents who would give them the love and the care that they need.
What about UNICEF?  Every commentator seems in a most shabby lawyerly wayt to have had to head off in a diversionary direction, but what about a principled objection to UNICEF for not keeping to a strictly non-political agenda?  Help the kids, I say, and stay out of support for revolutionary regimes and revolutionists not yet acceded to power.  Let world politics, diplomacy and military do that, so that then interventions on behalf of kids woud not proceed under a cloud of suspicion as UNICEF has cultivated for itself.

Uncover the nested revolutionists and pedophiles in the UNICEF bureaucracy and field staff.  Throw them out.  Otherw+z UNICEF shoud be kept out of our schools ... well independent schools run by revolutionists and pro-pedophiles in the USA and Canada may wish to support this UN cover group for enemies of children, as they wish.

Whether for evil in some matters and for good in others, UNICEF does help kids.  That's not enuff.  Free range in American and Canadian public schools, for instance, to scoop money out of kids' pockets here, shoud not be granted to an organization that covers for political antisemites tr+ing to leverage for the overthrow of Israel, like the Gaza regime -- and others leveraging other instruments of political subterfuge and diversion of funds to "the larger vision."  Keep UNICEF narrowly focussed and true to its mandate, without all the leftwing frills for jobseekers of revolutionist and pedophile intent.

-- Lawt

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