Monday, December 13, 2010

EconomyUSA: Taxes: Prez eyes tax reform optimistically

The excellent Financial Times email newsletter (Dec11,2k10uses brief teasers, squibs, blurbs and intros, what's called 'leads' of course, to get you to read the print flagship's article and hopefully take a cruise on that ship, and pay for it of course;  but in so doing has rendered the art of précis as finely honed in English on FT, as it is valued in French.  Today's story is no exception --

Financial Times - US homepage 
Obama signals brighter vision of tax reform
Barack Obama had previously expressed his willingness to consider sweeping reform to the US income tax system. But in recent days the US president has signalled an even greater interest in pursuing broad changes to the way America taxes its citizens and companies

i can't afford the ordinary subscription, but do read the email regularly.

-- Owlb

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