Friday, December 10, 2010

JuridicsCanada: Supreme Court: Muses on idea of free speech on Net

Law reporter Howard J. Bashman presents  on "The Web's first blog devoted to appelate litigation" -- How Appealing, it's called-- (Dec8,2k10):

"Supreme Court weighs idea of free speech on Internet; Liability of posting hyperlink considered": Today's edition of Vancouver Sun contains an article that begins, "The Internet's wild west era as a veritable free speech zone may be quickly coming to an end in Canada. The Supreme Court of Canada [SCC] in Ottawa on Tuesday reserved decision on whether simply posting a hyperlink could be considered defamatory and actionable."

Janice Tibbetts of Postmedia News has an article headlined "Hyperlinks thread that binds the web, Supreme Court told."

And Financial Post reports that "SCC reserves judgment on hyperlink liability."
The Supreme Court of Canada provides this background on the case.
Posted at 08:44 AM by Howard Bashman 
Bashman's How Appealing is a recommended webs+t for all lawyers and law scholars interested in keeping up to date on current developments in the courts on the Federal tier below SCC and SCOTUS, and not just the Supreme Court.  Bashman puts his webwork forward as "Pennsylvania's appelate boutique."  
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I'd li+k to see a similar differentiation in law reporting in Canada, between SCC and the various appellate courts around the country.  But, in the meantime thanks Attorney Bashman for noticing the Vancouver Sun article and reporting it.

-- Lawt

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