Tuesday, December 07, 2010

PoliticsCanada: Grassroots: Standup for Freedom Canada launches campaign calling for basic juridical reflection on R+ts

I'm watching developments within this grassroots organization (it says it isn't a lobby group, but that's disingenuous, there's no reason wh+ a groosroots org can't at the same t+m be a grassroots lobby-group organization, the definitions don't mutually exclude one another). And of course Standup for Freedom Canada hopess to influence the w+der society.  Such groups become all to easily taken over by homophobes, etc.   I clicked up on the s+t to see who's behind the org, where the money's coming from, is Ezra Levant involved who committed the heinous sin of gratuitously insulting Muslims by rushing to publish the notorious cartoons. But I have a hopeful feeling about this organization of Christian inspiration. Just bring the info we need to scrutin+z your bona fides.

Check out their webs+t: Standup for Freedom Canada
Check out the nooz coverage by the mainstream press -- Brian Lilley (Toronto Sun, Dec7,2k10). Our publisher has commented on Toronto Sun's report, and passed it along to his Facebook friends

What do you think?

-- Lawt

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