Sunday, November 07, 2010

PoliticsUK: Assassination attempt: Terrorist stabs Member of Parliament, Google removes terrorist videos on YouTube

The webs+t Mashable runs a noozpage devoted to video.  It's page/s recently carried a story by Jolie O'Dell, "After UK stabbing, YouTube removes extremist videos from s+t," reporting on how UK 
Security Minister, Baroness Neville-Jones, read the riot act to the companies involved and apparently to the Obama Administration (the fountainhead of the American spirit of placatory halfway-measures until recently, let's thank Prez Obama for bringing his suic+d doves into the fierce reality of jihadist terrorism, a terrorism pursued  also by means of video).

In response to critics around the world, YouTube has removed content from Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who many believe was responsible for inciting violent, terrorist acts. 
Al-Awlaki was linked to the recent stabbing of British politician Stephen Timms; the 21-year-old student who committed the crime was influenced by the cleric’s online calls to jihad. Al-Awlaki [in Yemen and being hunted by Yemeni security forces] was also cited as an influence on those who committed last year’s shootings at Fort Hood, and he was linked to two bombs found on a Chicago-bound plane last Friday. 
UK Security Minister Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones put pressure on the video-sharing site when she told Washington officials that these YouTube videos “incited murder and would be banned in the UK,” according to a BBC report.
The irony is that, in its former state of cowardice, YouTube had banned some 4 years ago a video by Michelle Malkin, a hardhitting conservative noozsleuth, a video that documented other videos, those by jihadis recruiting and preaching terror online.  She and a 1,000 l+kwiz censored by conservative video-producers, campaigning against the terrorists in opposition to corporate and govt tiptoeing thru the tulips, were punished for exposing the video-terrorists and then were reluctantly re-admitted to the fierce videographic dialogue (nowadays, after philosopher Richard Rorty, they call everything a "conversation" -- already a cliché).

The latest is a complete vindication of Malkin and her companions, but it took the actual stabbing of a parliamentarian to get the distracted attention of the companies and the American govt.  Shame!

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