Sunday, November 07, 2010

Politics: G20: Seoul becomes theatre of war for Anarchists riding their Peacenik beasts of burden

Earlier today I used Twitter or Facebook to let my friends and contacts know how annoying, discouraging to me is the fact that inevitably the G20 Summit in Seoul, South Korea, woud be the scene of dreadful angry protests laced with the allure of violence by the brand of Anarchists that have been showing up at all Summits for the last 30 or 40 years perhaps.

Well, it's happening now.  Reuters has a report out already about tens of thousands (10,000s) of protestors hungry for action, "Thousands protest in Seoul before G20 summit" (Nov7,2k10).  It's the haunt of "violent anti-capitalist protests," while the 10,000 actual participants are arriving in the city as well.  Some 32 heads of government and leaders of international organizations will be assembling in readiness for the opening of the event on Thursday, Nov11.  50,000 police are also being assembled to protect and defend the leaders against the swelling mob.  South Korea's Lee Myung-bak and Barack Obama have a "long-delayed free trade deal" they want to finalize "before the summit."  For Lee, it seems "the trade deal key is key."

I wonder how many are holding their breath, waiting perhaps, to see whether North Korea will interlope with some dramatic new provocation.

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