Tuesday, November 23, 2010

PoliticsIran: Sanctions & Oil: With a new nuke test, Iran scoffs at Western oil sanctions

Christian Science Monitor began publishing a 3-page selection of its top stories, and you can receive it free for a month, to try it out and to decide if you want to obtain a paid subscription. I'm dutifully trying it out. The top story of the first issue issue received, a kind of sampler, I guess, is not current news "Iran tests powerful missile: launch determins claims of peaceful intention" (Dec17,2k9) by CSM reporter Scott Peterson. So, I'm not all that impressed, yet there's sometihing uncanny about the article, it's déjà-vu quality. Here it is after more than a year.

Iran test-fired the latest version
of its longest-range missile on Wednesday,
sending a message of defiance as pressure
mounts on Tehran over its nuclear program.
The test came a day after the US House of
Representatives overwhelmingly approved
tougher sanctions legislation against Iran.
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          Iran state TV showed the green-painted 
          Sajjil-2 missile launching from a desert pad.
          Defense Minister Gen. Ahmad Vahidi said 
          the two-stage missile served as a 
          “strong deterrent” against attack. But a very 
          different message was received in 

          “At a time when the international community 
           has offered Iran opportunities to begin to 
           build trust and confidence, Iran’s missile tests 
           only undermine claims of peaceful intentions,” 
           said a White House spolesman. 
Analysts and politicians took the Iranian   
launch of the solid-fuel 
           Sajjil-2 missile with a 1,200-mile range – 

which can reach all of the Middle East and 
parts of Europe – as the latestwist in the 
strategic standoff between Iran and the West, 
especially over its nuclear ambitions.
In a countermeasure the US House voted
overwhelmingly on Tuesday to give President
Obama the power to block companies from
providing Iran with critical refined petroleum 
products, and from improving Iran’s
ability to produce its own. The measure has 
yet to pass the Senate. Iranian officials said 
any new sanctionswould have little impact. 
“They cannot succeed,” a senior official of the 
state National Iranian Oil Company told 
Reuters. “We have a long list of suppliers of 

Though Iran is the world’s fifth-largest oil
exporter, it has invested little to expand its
small refining capacity and imports 40 percent
of its gasoline.
The article doesn't mention Iran's current presidency
of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries 
(OPEC), a  position it hasn't held in the last 36 

On another matter, Iran wayz in as a leading polluter.
HuffPuff  aka Huttington Post (Nov23,2k10) "Iran air
 pollution severity warrants holiday in Tehran."

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