Thursday, November 11, 2010

EconomyUSA: Shortage: Skilled manual trades -- electricians, carpenters/joiners and welders

America's Most Wanted: Skilled Workers 

Gerald Shankel, President and CEO, Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International, writes about the key unmet need of the American manutfacturing sector today.

Consider a manufacturing career amid media reports of shuttered factories, job losses and the worst economy since the Depression? Although certainly counter-intuitive, the answer to that question is a resounding yes! Despite the shaky economy, scores of American manufacturers are reporting a dire need for skilled labor. 

Industry surveys reinforce this claim. According to the 2009 Manpower Talent Shortage Survey, among the most difficult jobs to fill in North America are those of the skilled manual trades, with electricians, carpenters/joiners and welders as the most in-demand employees.

A new interest has stirred up some movement toward these vocations, perhaps becawz many young adults are turning from careers planned tertiary h+er education (college and university) to more bodily-expressive labour, while at the same t+m engaging the brain of these skilled trades people, men and women.

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