Monday, November 08, 2010

Myanmar: Election results: Losers win, junta govt served, people stayed away from voting polls

I guess in the several nooz reports I read regarding the election results from Myanmar (former Burma) was the headline that the world's parliamentarians, governments, and pundits "dismiss" the elections and their results.  A refugee Burmese noozpaper published in English provides the following report by Ko Htwe in The Irrawaddy (Nov8,2k10).

refWrite refBloggers Insert -- devoted to the freedom to use the Internet, to the freedom to blog, and to freedom of the press / media -- more generally carried an article with a marvellous pix, from Agence Press France, "Burma's Internet Slows to a Stop" in the original and "Burma: Internet: Net winds down to a halt" in rWrBI's coverage.  The article is written by Wai Moe and Min Lwin (Feb2,2k10).

-- Owlb

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