Saturday, November 06, 2010

EconomyUSA: What shoud new Prez and new Congress do, money-w+z?

Webs+t The Conglomerate carries a blog-entry by TomJoo regarding the s+t's theme for the year "A Business Law Agenda for the New Congress and the President" (Nov4,2k10).   The t+tl of course is a rip-off of Volokh Conspiracy.  Minds too clich├ęd to come up with something original.  Fortunately, the blog-entry in which I was interested was brief, well written, and a bit jaunty.  Thanks for that!

 Agenda for the 112th: 
The Bigger They Come
Posted by TomJoo
It was impossible to make use of quotation text from this blog.  I won't be using anything from this source in the future.  But you can click up the current entry, and make a note of the URL if it proves to be of further interest to you.

In any case, the one link preserved is an appropriate quote from a work of music by Jimmy Cliff, thanks to blog-entry author TomJoo.  I wonder how the webs+t can quote this video, and yet make it impossible for quoters to quote their own texts.  Everyone knows that quotation by other blogs increases the readership of the intitial meme-creating blog-entry.

Food for thawt indeed.  If they want a narrow secret-society readership, to 'ell with 'em!

-- Lawt

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