Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Politics: Canada: Relative standing in the polls of pre-election Canadian political parties

The stats on the current polls looking toward the January 23 Federal election in Canada, are all succintly presented today on Burkean Canuck's blog.

Canadianna delivers her usual hi-ly unusual approach to the political news, forthrightness being her forte, to put the spotlite on would-be 2nd-term Prime Minister Paul Martin's campaign where he faltered by lamely trying to shift talk of his mean-natured attack on the US in regard to the environoment (Canada, sad to say, comes out much worse on a percentage basis), to more of his a-gnawing whine on softwood lumber. Yes, a NAFTA tribunal made a softwood decision to Matin's liking, but a WTO tribunal made a trumping decision on softwood not to Martin's liking. - Politicarp

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