Friday, December 16, 2005

Iraq: Victory!: The 10 or 11 million voters of Iraq elect first Parliament under new Constitution: via Gideon Strauss

Gideon Strauss is singing O Happy Day today.

He and his wife are celebrating an anniversary.

The weather outside today is and remains at 3:21 pm, deliteful!

The simple musing concise appreciation of the hopeful news from Iraq wafts thru everything today as a subtext of hope for the world.

Clickup my headline above, read Gideon's brief summary of a day for him-and-his quite blessed. No less so because this day includes the news of what appears to me to be a world-historical event where the first Arab national democracy, all preliminaries observed, took its first steps in a country-wide vote. So, after reading Gideon, clickup the Comments for his blog-entry for today, and read my Comment offered to them as an anniversary present, in response to Gideon. - )wlb

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