Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Culture: Cable TV: A battle shapes up btwn TV cable consumers vs cable conglomerates, re Show Menu a la carte pricing USA

A tuff call from an editorial in a prominent daily newspaper ( Christian Science Monitor, Boston) for a tuff call to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC - USA) and the US Congress on behalf of empowering TV culture consumers to choose each particular program they want to pay for on the menu of available shows. Of course, the cable conglomerates, as the CSM calls them, will kill to prevent that freedom of broadcast-source choices to its customers. It wants to force viewers who don't want to be flooded with a sexed-up, cursing, gratuitious-violence driven mainstream prime time a single option to avoid the excreta-TV flood: pay extra for "a family package." Constructing such phoney choices, the cable entertainment/news distrubtion industry seems just not to get it. It doesn't understand its cusotmers as consumers who want an uncoerced real choice of all its viewing. You don't have to prefer the stereotypical "family package" to want to pick each and every particular show that you permit the congloms to pump into your home and machinery. This is the case also in Canada. We need to do some letter writing on both sides of the border. - Anaximaximum

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