Thursday, April 07, 2011

PoliticsUSA/Libya: Gadaffi Out! : USA diplomacy pulls rug out from under the terrorist Gadaffi, at least rhetorically

Reuters via Christian Post (Apr7,2k11)

-- Reuters material posted by Politicarp

I very much appreciate the new move by Reuters in disseminating its
materials, particularly news videos, so that digital news sources like
Christian Post and blogs like refWrite can now embed news fresh
from this source.

Just wondering: Does this signify that the Reuters world coverage
too has cawt up with the fact that copyright of news shoud have only
a 30 minute restrictive shelf life, at the most?  I woud be surprised if
Reuters cawt up with the wisdom of this dissemination strategy, becawz
we bloggers, in publishing news materials made freely available to us
for embedment on our blogs and websites actually spread the recognition
of Reuters (and others who do the same thing) as valuable, indeed we
actually advertize the source and contribute to its effective branding.

Where the music and movie industries never really absorbed this
new configuration of media in its disseminatory role, the video industry
due to Google's YouTube Services as cawt on.  So now also the news
industry seems to be trending in the same direction, if not in regard to
text, then at least in videos offered for direct and immediate embedment.

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