Wednesday, April 20, 2011

PoliticsLibya: Gadaffi advances: Tyrant's troops enter city of Brega, France enters ground war, Italy sends 10 military trainers for revolutionaries

This breaking news item just in, on Twitter (Apr20,2k11)

Brega: Reports that the Gaddafi mercenaries retreated from Brega      


1: They lost communications with Command-&-Control 

2: Trouble in Sirte #libya

New York Times via (Apr20,2k11)

French fighter jets enter Libya, 

defiant Gaddafi bombs rebels

Italy's defence minister said there was a clear understanding 
that the rebels had to be trained.

Rebel fighter near the frontline in eastern Libya

Five days ago, escalation against revolutionaries

Daily Telegraph London UK, via Montreal Gazette (Apr16,2k11)

Gadhafi's forces dropping 

cluster bombs 'like rain,'

says  witnesses

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Four days ago, plans for street war in coastal city became known
Reuters via Montreal Gazette (Apr17,2k0)

Gadhafi's forces fire hail of rockets at rebels

Libyan fighters 'ready for street war' in Ajdabiyah

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