Monday, April 11, 2011

PoliticsLibya: Civil War: African Union delegation proposes Peace Plan to both Gadaffi and Bengazi leadership

BBC News (Apr11,2k11)

The African Union delegation, led by Prime 
Minister Jacob Zuma of South Africa, loads 
dice to favour Gadaffi by not insisting he resign 
and leave Libya immediately (which shoud
have been coupled with an offer  giving him 
safe haven in any of the AU states represented in the delegation), 
also by placing a ceasefire at the center of their call.  A ceasefire 
will inevitably be used by Gadaffi to consolidate his hold on the 
  re-captured cities and towns that arose against him.  In these 
    circumstances, opponents of the tyrant will disappear, and the 
    Libyan revolution will be thwarted. 


Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa 
and leader of the 5-country African Union 
delegation that visited Libya and proposed
an immeidate ceasefire there.

-- BBC video posted by Politicarp

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