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PoliticsHungary: Constitution: Law on a new foundation for the still-wounded country

Wall Street Journal (Apr19,2k11)

WSJ keeps this article under lock and key, I tried to logn in by giving my email address and a password, but the newspaper didn't recognize it. So I guess they want even merely occasional vistors to subscribe,like the Financial Times out of England.  But I coud glean the following intro from the tease-page. I'll keep my eyes peeled for futher info on Hungary's post-Communist  constitutional developments. I'm particualrly interested in how it treats the Hungarian communites in Romania, Ukraine, and other areas that belonged to the pre-Sovietization of the country -- but were sliced away by the Communists to "cut Hungary down to size."

-- Lawt

A new constitution for Hungary

Opinion: Locking in the values of the political transition of 1989-90, at last!

Yesterday afternoon, the Hungarian Parliament voted overwhelmingly to adopt a new constitution. In so doing, Hungary became the last formerly communist country in the region to throw off the specter of its recent past and adopt a fundamental law of its own making.

The new constitution has great symbolic and practical significance. It provides a foundation for the spiritual and intellectual renewal of Hungary. It reflects the past, present and future of the nation, and the fundamental values of the Hungarian people.
On a practical level, it will revise and update a legal framework that was formulated under the communists ...

Washington Post (Apr20,2k11)

Hungarian lawmakers approve socially and 

fiscally conservative new constitution

Associated Press (AP)
...conservative new constitution Monday that...contracts.Hungary's political...scurrent...

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