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PoliticsNorthernIreland: Assassination: 'Heinous sin' when co-religionists wipe out a father in front of his kids, his tot and a 5-year old

refWrite's YouTubeServices channel yUT2ube (found Apr 3,2k11)


Constable Ronan KerrRonan Kerr murder: 

NI leaders to meet police chief

Northern Ireland's political leaders will meet Chief Constable Matt Baggott this morning to discuss the murder of Catholic police officer Ronan Kerr.

Prots murder Caths ...

... and vice versa ... Caths murder Prots

... but politically-motivated Caths also assassinate fellow Caths, as in the topmost vid posted here today.
I'd guess that rather occasionally Prots terminate fellow Prots as well.

 Can anyone conceive of a greater crime than to murder a man in front of his family as he was coming from worshipping God? 
-- Cardinal Tomas O Fiaich

I was alerted afresh to these ironies thru the series of videos (presently numbering 144) by Orange Democrats in Northern Ireland, when I came upon a reformational-blogger friend's reference to the topmost vid about an event that happened quite recently.  The vid is accompanied by a  moving textual blog-entry and appears on Novice Philosopher under the title "A Heinous Sin," a phrase deployed on the occasion of this murder by a leading Roman Catholic prelate.

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