Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PoliticsUSA: Republicans open the gate: 2012 presidential race prospects

Inaugral rankings and characterizations by Daily Caller   ( jan17.2k11)

1. Chris Christie, “The Dream”
2. Mitt Romney, “Mr. Manufactured”
3. Sarah Palin, “The Superstar”
4. Mitch Daniels, “Mr. Competent”
5. Mike Huckabee, “The Talker”
6. John Thune, “The Unknown”
8. Tim Pawlenty, “Mr. Nice Guy”
9. Mike Pence, “The Purist”
10. (Tie)  John Bolton, “The Wrecking Ball”
10. (Tie) Donald Trump, “The Donald”
The Rest of the pack
Haley Barbour, “The Insider”
Herman Cain, “The Outsider”
Bobby Jindal, “The Boy Wonder”
Gary Johnson, “The Joker and the Toker”
Ron Paul, “The Aging Revolutionary”
Rick Santorum, “The Social Conservative”
-- Owlb

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