Friday, January 14, 2011

CanadaEconomics: Oil Sands, Tar Sands: Alberta enviros call business to account, business seeks solutions

Oil Sands Water Management

Business Review Canada and Canadian Business Conferences announce their partnership for Oil Sands Water Management, which is taking place January 26th to the 27th and is the event for senior representatives from across the industry to meet to discuss optimal water sourcing strategies for in-situ production. This event will be taking place at the Calgary Convention Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
Representatives will examine the availability of brackish and saline groundwater and surface water sources, advanced treatment technologies focusing on increasing recyclability and maintaining cost-effectiveness, best practice water recycling methods for minimal water withdrawal and environmentally and cost-effective wastewater disposal methods. The mission of this event is to make industry-changing progress in the form of focused and action oriented solutions to water management issues. As the only Oil Sands event designed specifically to target all the key challenges of water management as well as providing an insight into the latest developments in breakthrough follow up processes to determine the viability of a future of non-water based in-situ production, this event is likely to be oversubscribed.
Business Review Canada’s partnership with the Oil Sands Water Management offers its readers the chance to become educated on cutting edge topics, opportunities to connect with high profile industry peers, and customized presentations on the latest technology and innovation from leading suppliers.
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Canada’s Oil Sands are 
Largest Supplier of Oil to USA
Canada’s oil sands are the largest supplier of oil to the USA and the
Athabasca region alone is estimated to contain 870 billion to 1.3
trillion barrels of oil.
Operators are increasingly moving towards in situ methods for
extraction to harness the potential of oil sands productions and require
large amounts of water for the production of steam to reduce the
viscosity of the bitumen. It is vital that the oil sands producers work
together to cost-effectively minimize water usage and improve 

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