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Canada: Québec: Province goes statist, outlawing religion in tax-supported daycares of Jews in name of diversity

Montreal community to challenge daycare religion ban
By JANICE ARNOLD, Staff Reporter   
Thursday, 06 January 2011
MONTREAL — Quebec’s outlawing of religious instruction in government-funded daycares will have a “devastating effect,” says the organization that represents 23 centres associated with the Jewish community.

Adam Atlas

The Association of Child Care Centres of the Jewish Community along with Quebec Jewish Congress (QJC), Federation CJA and the Association of Jewish Day Schools are looking
at their options to challenge the new regula-tions, announced Dec. 17, including going to court.

Their position is that the subsidized daycares
are “not mandated to promote secularism” and that those under Jewish auspices have a responsibility to instil a sense of Jewish
identity in children that age.

The association plans to call a meeting some time this month of all its centre representatives and parents to discuss what to do next, director Chana Rosenberg said.

While the daycares serving the chassidic and Orthodox communities will have the most difficulty complying, Rosenberg said all of the centres would have to significantly alter their activities, including, for example, abandoning weekly Shabbat observance.
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There's a lot more that's informative in this excellently-detailed report, further
info that fleshes out the statist demonic in Québec's new policy to deploy
'diversity' ideology to socially re-engineer the Jewish community, strictly anti-Jewish that policy is.

The Jewish community [people-group, ethnicity, in their multitude of relationships] is a target of the Liberal Party statists and social-engineers, not allowing Jews for instance to have their own internal history which is stabbed
in the heart in these new daycare impositions by state ideologues of 'diversity'
who have to dilute each of the distinct diversities by forcing them all to mingle their kids [nothing wrong with parents freely choosing a mingle-daycare; some parent Jews do that all thru the young Jews development thru the stages of
human growth and the stages of faith development].

Jews have produced prodigious loving-minded scholars who have studied and written about the stages of human development, and of faith formation thru early and middle and teen years; they're expertly available  to the Jewish daycares, 
which with these advisers are perfectly qualified to help determine the structure 
of the curriculum for some portion of the various daycares and schools all along the spectrum of viable curriculum options for Jews daycaring communally.  They have no need for the meddlesome hands, statist hands trying to determine the amount and kind of observance of holy days that Jewish daycares may schedule.  The govt's policy is destructive in two directions.

'Québec Jewish Congress president Adam Atlas said that the [Liberal] government has not taken into consideration the concerns that the Jewish community has expressed over the past months. “We deplore the fact that the directive reduces Judaism to a strictly religious dimension,” he stated.'  [I woud say 'a strictly pisteutic dimension' - P]

This action by anti-Semite Minister Yolande James who has envisioned daycares on the model of social labs, in this case for tinkering with Jewish socialization in the early years, a vision that as public policy constitutes the most outrageous and ethnic triumphalism I can think of in Canada.  Maybe it's commonplace in this my adopted country, but doubt it.  Notice further that, most of all, the minister's bizarre policy seeks to determine religiously the children from ages 0 thru 5 years of age  in daycares.  Mdme. James wants to determine the format of accessibility
to religious ideas that babies and kiddies of Jewish heritage may be allowed to experience, and not tooooooo Jewish, mind you.

I guess that once you have survived the curriculum of the Vampire James sucking the life-blood from the Jewish Community by diluting communal consciousness in its own diversity and its communal-internal dialogue, a community again denied the development of its own history with its own forms of ethnic and Judaic daycaring in the postAuschwitz era.  At age 6, you leave the daycare and go to school, where your religious and secular Jewish opportunities to learn your own heritage, precisely a heritage not riven between a sacred and secular dualism, an integral Jewish formation, under the sign of Auschwitz and yet seeking what is jewishly integral -- these people too, say the ministries of anti-Semitism, are to be shepherded into the statist clutches of the Québec schools, after preparatory conditioning for this fate in statist daycares, nominally jewish.  Even the French language is conditioned by the mind/body dualism of the Cartesian Enlitenment.
It appears in francophone Catholicism, as well as in Sartrean existentialism, for

Interestingly, in Quebec the kids of Jews learn to speak generally at what is measured as 2 years old and up; so let us hypothesize along that parameter, for the sake of presenting a scenario.

 2 to 4 Years ... Verbs begin to predominate; Understands most simple questions dealing with his ... Higher Order and Creative Thinking Skills (3 - 7 Year Olds) ....
These Jewish kids have at least three languages to master -- French, English and Biblical Hebrew or contemporary Israeli Hebrew or Yiddish.  

This again underscores why Jews who want Jewish daycare for their Jewish kids to advance thru the stages of growth and formation and up the grades in schools with a Jewish peer group, such a people are an exceptional breed of diversity.  Other ethnic communities in Québec rarely have a similar burden of genes, history and idiosyncratic culture.  No Québecois pur laine has a history like that.   loved Rimouski, I performed a theatre poem there at the CEGEP, performed in English to an extravagant mime-choreography by Robert Desrosiers, moving and locuting in English for some four hundred fifty embodied souls trés purs laines. And was well received, I was told.  But unlike the wonderful Québecois [some Jews have thoroly assimilated, they believe], Jews have a much more exceptional history, perhaps the most exceptional in the contemporary world. And the minister says these kids shoudn't form a peer group to manage their growing knowledge of the holocaust as well as all the sufferings of Jewish people over time, and all the glories too, and all the smarts of these oncoming generations who feel the horrid awareness, as they grow to maturity, that their blood-kind has been targetted over and over again over the centuries.

Québec's state wants to secularize its Jews into nice Francophone clones.

It shoud be emphasized that the minister's action is also extremely anti-Judaic [religion -- with many shades, including a distinct Jewish-secular sect that has been recognized by a panel of participating rabbis of all the denominations; recognized as a postAuschwitz Jewish spirituality].  To repress Judaism as a religion, the Minister seeks to displace parental choice, or reduce JewishCommunity-minded Jews to second-class citizens who can't freely associate for their own purposes to determine either the broader ethinic Jewish approach or the strongly Judaic observance approach to curriculum.  Of course, it's a Family minister that is most deafeningly anti-Torah religion, this particular cabinet Minister for the Family
having situated herself as the number one govt bigot.  The province of Québec is proving itself to be anti-Semitic thru her. And is trying to restructure the Jewish community to fit its own ultimate values, francophone collectivist values, to fit into that collectivity's definition of humanity, for this purpose Jews are to be manipulated!  Severed, alienated from their own intra-community bonds and tensions, ferments, renewals, their own culture-making, their own history-making, their own generational flow for those who want to participate in that flow.

This attempt to distance JewishCommunity-minded Jews from influencing deeply their own new generation's spiritual and cultural formation, shoud be seen against the background of strong support among francophone elites in the province, support for Palestine, and anti-Israel. Please, this ideological stance is not
typical of all Québecois. The move by the Liberal Party of Quebec in the person of the minister for the state-supported daycares -- of course, limited in number due to budget restraints at both Federal and now provinical levels too  -- appears to be just another anti-Semitic move by the province's cultural and state elite.

It's for Christians, especially reformational Christians in Quebec and all of Canada, francophone and anglophone, to speak up for Quebec's Jewish daycares and for Christian daycares there as well.  That means for Muslim daycares too.

-- Politicarp

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