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PoliticsUSA: movie propaganda: WaPo DC daily editorializes on the self-designed agitprop movie about Valerie Plame / joe wilson iii


Washington Post [Dec3,2k10]  Editorial

I remember how I gambled here in my refWrite frontpage column on politics years ago, that Karl Rove was not guilty when Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson the Third [III] conspired to assassinate his character and his professional life.  They were a  JohnKerry-rooted cell within the State Department and CIA during Bush's presidency.  They were key purveyors of the L-word accusations, and  I don't mean 'Lesbian,'  I mean 'Liar.'   Now their books,  one by her, one by him, have been used to base the movie's story-line upon.  The movie is just now on The Big Screen in the theatres, I guess.    Suddenly a daily edition of WaPo arrives and it features a movie review by the Editorial page authorities.  They argue effectively that the agitprop movie is just that, propaganda aggrandizing the Plame-Wilson3 combo -- clowns and partisans, holdovers, deadwood in the bureaucracies, and spies.  Now authors and movie-makers.

-- Thanks to Dr Don McNally, retired prof of history, for his tip on this article.

-- Politicarp

Hollywood myth-making on Valerie Plame controversy

Friday, December 3, 2010; 8:54 PM
WE'RE NOT in the habit of writing movie reviews. But the recently released film "Fair Game" - which covers a poisonous Washington controversy during the war in Iraq - deserves some editorial page comment, if only because of what its promoters are saying about it. The protagonists portrayed in the movie, former diplomat Joseph C. Wilson IV and former spy Valerie Plame, claim that it tells the true story of their battle with the Bush administration over Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and Ms. Plame's exposure as a CIA agent. "It's accurate," Ms. Plame told The Post. Said Mr. Wilson: "For people who have short memories or don't read, this is the only way they will remember that period."
We certainly hope that is not the case. In fact, "Fair Game," based on books by Mr. Wilson and his wife, is full of distortions - not to mention outright inventions. To start with the most sensational: The movie portrays Ms. Plame as having cultivated a group of Iraqi scientists and arranged for them to leave the country, and it suggests that once her cover was blown, the operation was aborted and the scientists were abandoned. This is simply false. In reality, as The Post's Walter Pincus and Richard Leiby reported, Ms. Plame did not work directly on the program, and it was not shut down because of her identification.

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