Friday, January 14, 2011

Australia: Flood disaster: Region as large as 'France and Germany combined'

Matthew H  Bartlett of New Zealand posted this video from NewsAustralia [jan102k10]. The video has had almost 300,000 viewings on YouTubeServices.  It's available at yUT2ube, vid partner of refWrite.
Matthew H  Bartlett also points us this meditative, lengthy and quite amazing essay, 'Flood' by Dan
ill on City of Sound blog.

''Toowoomba Flash Flooding, Amazing Footage [jan10,2k11]'', by whitelitebringer

Australian churches come together in flood crisis

Canberra (ENInews)--As northern Australia suffers the worst flooding in more than 30 years, Australian churches have moved rapidly to respond to the community‚s urgent needs. Flooding has continued to build since late December with flood waters covering an area the size of Germany and France combined. Sixteen people are now confirmed dead, with 53 missing and more than 200,000 people stranded. Local church leaders who spoke with ENInews on 13 January said they are dealing with the immediate effects of the crisis. [ENI-11-0013, 782 words]  Ecumenical News International email newsletter

Further reading;

Australia Floods Boost World Commodity Prices

Crops are inundated by rising floodwaters west of Rockhampton, Australia.
EnlargeJanie Barrett/AP
Crops are inundated by rising floodwaters west of Rockhampton, Australia.
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January 14, 2011
Australia's economy has generally outperformed those of other developed nations during recent downturns. It has managed this partly on the strength of its commodity exports, from iron ore to cotton. But disastrous floods in northeast Australia have hurt production and caused global commodity prices to spike.
As Australia's third-largest city, Brisbane, dries out from what some locals call "The Big Wet," Australia is tallying the economic losses. Some Australian media have speculated that the damage may be greater than what Hurricane Katrina inflicted on the U.S. economy in 2005.

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