Tuesday, June 15, 2010

War: Mexico: Mexico is in a virtual state of war internally, with spills into USA

President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, had an editorial published yesterday in newspapers thru-out that nation, an editorial that asserted, "If we remain with our arms crossed, we will remain in the grip of organized crime, we will always live in fear, our children will have no future, there will be more violence, and we will lose our freedom." The quotation appears in an article by William Booth, "Deadly drug violence in Mexico on rise; gang fights, federal clashes blamed (Washington Post, Jun15,2k10).

At the same time as the de facto war internal to Mexico escalates almost daily, the leading law enforcer of an Arizona county the size of the state of Connecticut, announced that his jurisdiction is in large part lawless and beyond his enforcement. The bad guys, Mexican drug and human traffickers, Giving part of US to Mexico? about which FoxNews.com says "Stretch of Arizona off limits to Americans because of heavily armed drug smugglers and human traffickers." I saw the telecast segment on Fox, but I coudn't call it up on the online Fox video page, where it is listed. Maybe you can do better. In any case, the report was astounding, including the footage that records the sherrif's statement. He, of course, appealed to the US Federal govt to send the American military to his county and to the Mexican-American border two counties to his south.

-- Politicarp

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