Sunday, June 27, 2010

PoliticsCanada: G8 > G20 Summits in Toronto on Fire!

I slept and Toronto is on fire! When I got up praying as I dressed and said my morning ablutions in the late afternoon, having been to bed by 8 am in safe and sound Toronto. Not so!

When I got my first wiffs of the day's news nooz nuz, I went to a small public channel that specializes in politics and is having a public presentation of the diplomats introducing the heads of states attending the G20. Stephen Harper is host diplomat. It was the day between G8 and G20, in Toronto. The City hosting the event/s is Toronto, which has been carrying on a campaign to boost investment in Toronto and Ontario, Toronto a large metropolis which is a financial hub, as well as political-capitol city, yet not geographically central to the entire province, let alone the country

Will be back, I hope and pray.

Update (June 27, 2k10):

One burning police car, plume of dark rank smoke, business windows on street smashed, some protesters smashed and bloodied, 400 arrested, G20 sails on. Watched lots of local TV coverage yesterday, but today I'll look for any further USA coverage on TV. Also, monitoring the online press.

Associated Press via Yahoo! News by Rob Gillies:
"Police arrest more than 400 at Toronto summit"

-- Owlb

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