Monday, June 21, 2010

PoliticsUSA: Repulcn Prty South: A remarkable conservative aspires to represent South Carolina's 1st Congrssnl district

Tim Scott adds drama to the candidates contesting in election primaries in the deep-South's 1st Congressional District, USA House of Representatives, South Carolina.  If Mr. Scott wins the Republican primary, he will become the official candidate, thus qualifying to go up against whoever emerges as the candidate of the Democratic Party presently in its own parallel primary.  Actually, we shoud call the Republican contender already "Representative," because he's been serving already in South Carolina's state House of Representatives.  He has experience.  Rep. Tim Rice.

See and hear about Tim Rice's dramatic campaign on the video, and read David Weigel's Right Now column in Washington Post,  Right Now - South Carolina: The rise of Tim Scott (June 21,2k3) Both are h+ly recommended by Yours Truly.

-- Politicarp

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