Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Israel: Enemy flotilla: Evidence emerges re violent Hamas supporters in waters approaching Gaza

Thanks to law blog Volokh Conspiracy for these YouTube video stunners:


Click on my blog-entry headline above, which will take you to David Bernstein's blog entry yesterday, "Pro-Palestinian "Peace Activists" in VC. Please read his text. Thanks and Hat Tip to Bernstein, VC, YouTube, and whoever video-documented the evidence.

I greatly regret the political impact of this "incident." Turkey has severed ties with Israel, where previously they had been allies, altho recently a cooling-off of relations between the two countries had already begun. Turkey was Isreal's only ally in the region, but the Turks have re-elected an Islamist party which greatly strengthened itself internally against the secularist Army there. The flotilla, a Trojan horse of 10,000 tons of aid carried on 6 ships sailing from Turkey, had among its 1,000 or so passengers embedded a cadre of pro-Hamas paramilitaries among its "peace activists." Bernstein's text, together with the vids, makes the point clear regarding the provocateurs in midst of the "mere" activists.

Further info on this breaking-news story:

Israel processes Gaza activists, eyes new aid ship (Reuters via Yahoo! News, found it on the blue breaking-news ticker on my sidebar)

Analysis: High-seas raid deepens Israeli isolation (Associated Press via Yahoo! News, May31,2k10). An excellent overview of this breaking news-story.

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