Friday, December 16, 2011

politicsUSA: Campaign Presidency: Why Obama zigs and zags his attempt for another victory


Stanley Crouch: "Can We Reclaim The Middle?"

The moderate-liberal columnist in New York argues that the Right fringe and 
Left fringe are driving out moderate voices:

"The kinds of ideologues who are buffoonishly trapped in irrational narcissism
 threaten both the right and the left.  It does not matter if one is Donald Trump,
a conservative elephant, or Cornel West, a so-called academic donkey ready to
spout 'progressive' clichés. In fact, each believes that President Obama proves
how out of touch he is by not calling one of them for badly needed advice."

More: "We are at our best when we tune out the loud, broad comedy of both
the Tea Party and the progressive buffoons, allowing the true spirit of America
to come through. And though the extremes only get louder and louder, I am
confident that we will make it through, because we are still the United States of

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