Thursday, December 01, 2011

HealthGlobal: AIDS/HIV: Three newsbriefs on church aid to AIDS victims

Ecumenical News International newsletter (December1,2k11)
Ecumenical News International
News Highlights
1 December 2011

Religious leaders encourage deeper engagement on AIDS

Toronto (ENInews)--Leaders from five world religions gathered in Toronto just ahead of World AIDS Day on 1 December to encourage their peers to deepen their engagement and action on HIV-AIDS "by addressing the difficult issues raised by the pandemic, in dialogue with people living with HIV." At the same time, the faith leaders expressed "dismay at the recent drop in funding for the AIDS response just as recent statistics show the effectiveness of prevention and treatment approaches." [ENI-11-0659, 685 words]

Protestants and Catholics in Berlin assist HIV/AIDS patients

Berlin (ENInews) — For Christians diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, fear of a lack of acceptance from the church community can be a very real concern. But for HIV positive Christians in Berlin, projects run by both Catholics and Protestants are providing a network of community support in which they know they will not be judged. Pastor Dorothea Strauss set up Church HIV Positive, an ecumenical initiative that provides pastoral care for those with HIV and AIDS and their families, in 1993. The experience of a friend and fellow pastor dying from AIDS-related illness was part of the motivation for the project. [ENI-11-0660, 599 words]

Russian government turns to church for help fighting AIDS epidemic

Moscow (ENInews) — As the number of people suffering from HIV/AIDS continues to grow in Russia, government agencies are turning to the Russian Orthodox Church for help in stemming the epidemic, ministering to its victims, and fighting their stigmatization by society. In the latest example of such cooperation, officials in the Ryazan region, about 120 miles southeast of Moscow, announced on 30 November that they have requested the local diocese's assistance in providing an approach to the crisis that is beyond the state's capacity. [ENI-11-0661, 597 words]

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