Thursday, December 15, 2011

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Canadian Juridics

The following is not a scientific analysis, so its parameters are rather fuzzy.  But I think it gives a good impression of what the Canadian press has covered lately in regard to human rights, and it is my collection of items largely found in the email newsletter I've been receiving from Canadian Civil Liberties Association (not particularly my cup of legal tea, but appreciate them as an info-source for getting closer to the Big Picture of trends and the topics below). I've posted it here in my frontpage column of our blog refWrite, because posting it to Facebook seems to strip out all the live links of the URLs for each entry.  

I thawt some few people may want to use this, not least becawz it has categories developed from the information up, to constitute thereby an ad hoc classification system for people may want to explore its possible uses, including university/college students, law students interested in either legal studies or the 24-hour newscycle and the flow of information in the daily media.  


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Children & Abortion


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Human Rights, and HR Tribunals 

Institutions … schools, universities, 
see also: 
Labour law (for unions), Businesses 

Judiciary & Judges

Labour law & regulation



Military Justice

Nanny State

Parliament,  & other legislative bodies

Parliamentary representation and redistricting

Policing and Crime



Privacy, Piracy, Copyright,
Freedoms of Speech and Expression

Québec Juridics

Security, Security Perimeter Treaty Canada & USA,
Surveillance involving national security a/o USA




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