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Enviro: USA and Global: Fiscally conservative environmental agenda, by Citizens Climate Lobby USA and Canada



Perry Recker is a reformational Christian thinker-activist who is deeply concerned about the USA's and the world's environmental situation which he believes is in a fundamental crisis, a crisis that increases daily.  There's an urgency in his thawt and activities.  I often go in a somewhat different direction, but am delighted he's shared his analysis and agenda with me on refWrite's new Facebook page. So, I decided to share his contribution here on the frontpage of the blog.  Welcome, Perry, to the oily sands of my unsettled viewpoint (which may be ladened with contradictions  8-).

Re results of the Durban Climate talks: While at long last, the biggest and fastest-growing greenhouse gas emitters – China , the U.S. , and India – have come to grips with the most urgent and contentious issue facing humanity--concerned citizens in these and other nations can ill afford to wait until 2020 to start bringing down our fossil fuel emissions.

Unprecedented bouts of budget-busting extreme weather in recent years have given us a taste of what to expect if we fail to follow through. But while the agreement is a small turn in the right direction, concerned citizens must look for more effective ways to get their super-tanker governments to turn in healthy direction more quickly. More acute action on many levels of civil society is need now in order to meet our responsibility to future generations.

The simplest, most transparent, and most fiscally conservative policy to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions is a revenue-neutral carbon tax. Impose a fee on carbon-based fuels at the wellhead or mine exit, based on carbon content, and rebate the proceeds back to citizen households. This would unleash the free market to determine the most cost-effective methods to cut carbon emissions, whether through efficiency, renewables, carbon capture, or whatever else national ingenuity can produce. 
Legislation based on this approach, the Save Our Climate Act, has been introduced in the U.S. House.

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Given the urgency of the situation, U.S. citizens should demonstrate their political will by urging their Congress persons to give this bill serious consideration. It’s time for the politicians to stop posturing and act in the best interests of their national constituencies and the world. Members of the Citizens Climate lobby in both the U.S. and Canada are organizing to express their political will through letters to the editor of local newspapers, and through face to face meetings with their representatives. These meetings are carefully planned and even rehearsed in order to more effectively communicate with our elected government officials in a civil way that avoids the rhetoric and ideological extremism perpetuated by the dominant marketing methods of most electronic media. 

For more information google the Citizens Climate Lobby, and begin reading it's web pages. If it is completely new to you, I'd recommend starting here:
Thank you for your attention.

Perry Recker

Following Perry's advice, I performed the google, starting with the page he 
recommends, a page devoted to methodology.  Here it is. But first an 
explanatory video from a fiscal conservative stance that, I think, is or at least 
could be quite compatible with Perry's approach.  It's a video that I think 
illuminates his position, and certainly makes it easier for me to warm up to 
the particular analysis and agenda of Citizens Climate Lobby. Here's the vid:  

Uploaded to YouTube by on May 30, 2009

Cap and Trade is a tax, but it's not any ordinary tax. It's a tax on energy which means it's a tax on every level of production. Don't let Congress pass this crazy and destructive tax without understanding what it's going to do to your bottom line. Make no mistake. Your standard of living is going down while your taxes are going up! 

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Elements of CCL Methodology

The purposes of Citizens Climate Lobby are:

To create the political will for a sustainable climate and
To empower individuals to have breakthroughs in exercising
their personal and political power.

Lobby Teams are comprised of at least five Partners
We operate in teams because people like to do things together 
and are more effective together.

Dang and darn!  The page  I'm trying to quote is just
too digitally volatile, so I leave it to the reader to click
up the link above.  As a consolation prize, you can get
the newsletter, CCL Update (see below).

Perry and CCL have a different approach from that of the mainstream of the environmental movement.    In the Perry-CCL approach, the taxation occurs at the wellhead (oil) and mine (coal) from which the worst carbon emissions originate, not farms, etc.  Then the revenues are distributed back to the consumer households and perhaps others (those details matter too).  

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