Monday, December 12, 2011

EconomicsUK: Euro Crisis: Eurozone will fail, says Stephen King of Financial Times



Financial Times' Exclusive Comment newsletter (December11,2k11)
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Markets Insight: Stephen King -

Why the eurozone deal will fail

The fiscal compact so desired by northern European nations may eventually come through. It is, however, not the right answer. That’s because no one in eurozone policymaking circles bothered to ask the right question. 

Royal Bank of Scotland on skids,

says Richard Lambert - "A

catalogue of disastrous decisions"

The collapse of Royal Bank of Scotland was not just the 
result of buying ABN Amro at the wrong price and the 
wrong time, disastrous though that was. Rather, this bid 
was just one of a whole series of bad boardroom 
decisions which, taken together, point to substantive 
failures of board effectiveness. The lessons from what 
went wrong are relevant well beyond the banking system. 

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