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PoliticsLibya: Gadaffi regroups: Country in full revolutionary mode, civil war, genocide

EuroNews offers the above video (acknowleging some foutage courtesy of OneDayOnEarth).

The UN has been cawt out napping again, on this occasion by Guardian commenter Carne Ross who "spent four and a half years negotiating resolutions on the Middle East at the UN Security Council."  Instead of a resolution with teeth, the UN folks issued a perfunctory news release instead, with the usual platitudes, but not even a mention of the genocidal attacks on civilians.  Now, the European Union is going ahead with its own response, one that will apparently include sanctions (Bloomberg).  The USA likewise (Agence Presse France).

Catch Telegraph's excellent coverage in these stories:


Libya: Government criticised over 'slow' response

David Cameron was on Wednesday night facing mounting criticism over the Government's response to the turmoil in Libya and the "slow" progress in rescuing Britons trapped in the country.
23 Feb 2011

Libya: foreign mercenaries terrorising citizens

Libyans told on Wednesday of how they were forced to form lynchmobs against foreign mercenaries that were despatched by Col Muammar Gaddafi to visit terror on revolting citizens.
23 Feb 2011

Libya: civil war breaks out as Gaddafi mounts rearguard fight

Forces loyal to Colonel Gaddafi make good on threats to trigger a civil war in Libya by taking up positions across the capital and launching a rearguard fight against rebels in major cities.
23 Feb 2011

Libyan army abandon their Tobruk base

The Libyan army has abandoned the secretive anti-aircraft missile base at Tobruk base as anti-government protesters seize control of the city.
23 Feb 2011

Libya's neighbours have a duty to help its people

Telegraph View: Are other Arab leaders so intent on saving their own necks, or so wary of fomenting insurrection elsewhere, that they will do nothing beyond denouncing Gaddafi?
23 Feb 2011

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