Saturday, February 05, 2011

Egypt: Revolution: 12th day of protests and counter-revolutionary demos, 300 estimated dead

Reporter Anthony Shadid, writing from Cairo for New York Times yesterday reviews the now 11 days since the launch of the Egyptian Revolution, following quickly upon the Jasmin Revolution in Tunisia.  "Now a prolonged collision is shaping up between a staggering but entrenched old guard and an outpouring of Egypt’s discontented over how fast and how deep the changes will be.
In a contest of image, perception and power, the rebellion pits those disenfranchised by Mr. Mubarak’s government against a still formidable array built around the military and security apparatus and a fabulously wealthy clique enriched by connections with the governing party.
Both revolt and reaction have offered their narrative — change and chaos — with the Information Ministry fanning popular discontent over an uprising that has devastated Egypt’s economy. But a revolution is not a referendum, and in an 11-day battle that has seen momentum shift almost by the day, each faces the resilience of the other.
Even as it sheds some of its support, the government remains determined not to surrender what it deems its prestige. Mr. Mubarak’s leadership is one symbol of that, but even if he leaves, the old guard may well dig in to obstruct open elections and true civilian rule. The government retains a monopoly on armed violence, the state’s arsenal in its hands. But despite organizers’ own lurking fears, the uprising has proved its ability to turn out thousands into the streets, in a remarkable show of steadfastness that has left the government no option but to engage it.  ...
Egypt’s revolution is far from decided, but the country will never be the same."  

Other important updates:

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