Thursday, February 24, 2011

NewZealand: Earthquake: Dramatic rescue of quake victims, others not

Raw Video: Dramatic Rescue of 

Quake Survivors

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NZ police: Up to 120 bodies in quake-hit building

Associated Press via Bloomberg Businessweek (Feb23,2k11):

Police in Christchurch, New Zealand, say up to 120 bodies may still be inside one of the buildings hardest hit by the country's devastating earthquake. That number is not included in the official death toll of 76, which is based on the bodies recovered and brought to a temporary morgue in the stricken city.  Police Superintendent Dave Cliff told reporters Thursday that "between the late 60s and 120 bodies, at the upper limit" were believed to still be inside the Canterbury Television building. That number includes foreign students at an English language school in the building.

-- YouTube, AP, & Businessweek material posted by Politicarp

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